I’m Jordan Lewis, Director of Engineering at Cockroach Labs and a Brooklyn townie. I used to work at Knewton, and before that I got my B.S. in Computer Science from UChicago.


This website mainly hosts my blog posts.


I stream database internals programming on Twitch every Friday at 3PM ET.

The goal of the stream is to be pull back the covers on database development, and show you what it’s like to hack on database internals yourself. Usually I work on a CockroachDB issue live. The stream is interactive: please log in and ask questions, post memes, or just say hi!

I archive all of the streams on my YouTube channel, so you can always go back and watch past episodes that you didn’t catch live.


I enjoy a wide variety of bespoke username variations across the internet.

  • Twitter:   @largedatabank      Follow me for tweets!
  • Twitch:    @large__data__bank  Programming stream every Friday at 3PM ET
  • Discord:   LARGE DATA BANK     Join my Discord server for fun and database chats
  • YouTube:   @largedatabank      Database videos and stream archive
  • GitHub:    @jordanlewis        I think you already know what THIS one’s for
  • Instagram: @jordanthelewis     hehe you bet I have an Instagram, I’m not a savage
  • LinkedIn:  jordanthelewis      Not looking for jobs
  • Email:     largedatabank       I love getting emails. Please drop me a line!